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We are gifted with two best friends when we are born And a time comes when we realize they are our Mother and Father..”

Do we really consider them as friends? In the world of growing individualism, our ego – we refer to as MY SPACE – keeps these two great friends of all times at the helm of all the life affairs. But they are always there, keeping an eye on us- rather our crises. These crises could be anything – education, career, financial crunch or be it Love affair. Agree?

Here is a sweet family of three. The only son- Alok, is in a relationship with Indu, which is about to get converted into marriage soon. One fine morning, after returning from a night-out, Alok declares the relationship stands called off. He has his own reasoning and he is pretty sure that his parents will not understand it. They are simply unaware of the stigma today’s generation goes through.

Should the parent take this decision quietly? Or should they intervene? The biggest problem is to be called indifferent or interfering in respective cases. But parents can’t let the child suffer, especially when they know that their son could be at fault…

the father here dares to be called – interfering. He makes Alok meets Indu, takes them for lunch, makes them talk, wipes out the confusions… at times, he reprimands his son and also, shows him the way forward. He eases both of them out.. and when the kids admit the mistake, help them correct it and embrace them lovingly.

While Alok is passing through this breakup phase, his parents help him to deal with it. In this course, the parents try to understand and analyze the approach of present generation towards relationship overall. Thus, Muramba becomes a tale of two generations trying to understand and digest each other’s approach towards man-woman relationship.

Ultimately what a relationship is ? Two personalities kept for brewing together losing all the hurting contours.. leaving just a sweetly juicy mix behind…

Highlight Points/ Cast and Crew

Producer(s): Nitin Vaidya, Ninad Vaidya, Aparna Padgaonkar, Anish Joag, Ranjit Gugle
Executive Producer: Tanmayee Deo
Associate Producer(s) Kaustubh Dhamne, Ameya Patil
Writer, Screenplay, and Director: Varun Narvekar
Lyrics: Vaibhav Joshi
Music: Hrishikesh, Saurabh, Jasraj
Cinematographer (DOP): Milind Jog
Editor: Vishal Bate
Starcast: Sachin Khedekar, Amey Wagh, Mithila Palkar, Chinmayee Sumit

Art Director: Siddharth Tatooskar
Costumes: Kalyani Kulkarni- Gugle
Makeup: Rajesh Kubal
Sound: Avinash Sonawane
Background Score: Saurabh Bhalerao
DI, VFX: Illusion Ethereal
Promos: Navprabhat Studio
Publicity Designs: Sachin Suresh Gurav

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