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Durva is a Marathi political drama. It is about a young girl, who is used as a pawn in the twisted game of politics, where power overrules relationships. Durva is an innocent girl who is forced to marry a man whose family is hungry for political power. Unfortunately, they begin to take advantage of her for their own benefit

Cast and Crew details

Producer – Nitin Vaidya and Ninad Vaidya

Production House – Dashami Creations

Creative Head – Aparna Padgaonkar

Creative Director –

Director – Deepak Nalawade

Story – Nitin Vaidya

Screenplay – Sachin Dharekar, Pravin Vitthal Tarde

Dialogues – Pravin Vitthal Tarde, Abhijit Pendharkar

Camera – Sachin Mestri

Music – Prakash Nar

Editing – Amey Godkar, Ganesh Lamane

Production Head – Dada Godkar

Cast –

Vinay Apte

Harshad Atkari

Hruta Durgule

Ashwini Ekbote

Prasad Pandit

Sharad Ponkshe

Uday Tikekar

Suyash Tilak

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